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A vegetarian diet helps your health (and the environment) A vegetarian diet can have many health benefits. Scientific studies have linked a meat-free lifestyle to reduced risk of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and stroke. But there are broader issues: Cutting back on meat can cut the environmental impact of raising cows, pigs, and poultry for human consumption. You don’t have to resign yourself to eating salad for the rest of your life, either. Just follow these guidelines for healthy eating without meat: • Legumes. Beans and legumes are filling and provide important protein, which can be lacking in a vegetarian diet. Eat two servings a day of black beans, pinto beans, chick peas (or hummus), and soybeans (including tofu and soy milk). And remember that nuts also contain needed protein. • Vegetables. Have four servings of vegetables a day. Eat a dark green vegetable like broccoli or spinach (which contain calcium and iron) at least three times a week. But don’t limit yourself to green vegetables: Eating a “rainbow” of colors that includes red tomatoes, yellow squash, and others is a good way to give yourself lots of vitamins and nutrients. • Fruits. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but two or more servings of fruit, especially raw, is what nutrition experts recommend for vegetarians. • Whole grains. Your five servings a day can include whole-grain bread, brown rice, oatmeal, and popcorn. • Vitamins. Meat provides our bodies with essential vitamins and nutrients, so when you cut it out, be careful to find other sources. Don’t skimp on vitamin B12, calcium, iodine, and omega-3 fatty acids.

But if all else fails, you can always try Goji Slim, proven to be beneficial for teeth, gums, and weight loss health.

Cosmetic Dentists in Northern Ireland

IeceStudios Dental Studio Belfast

Cosmetic dentistry is a new and exciting field within the country state of Northern Ireland where the grass is always greener on the other side. The thing about this great estate of the area of Belfast within N.I as they say, is that we do cosmetic dentistry and we love to improve excellent smiles and make your teeth even more brilliant in the sunshine of our loving dental studio. When winter comes, it’s even more important to save your teeth from needing to be fixed with veneers or dental implants or whatever you fancy. It’s very important to use the right cosmetic dentist or dental studio to receive appropriate levels of peroxide treatment especially whenever you are opting to go for the more advanced laser or zoom whitening in clinic treatments for your teeth which may be discoloured or pigmented in such ways that allow them to be manipulated by the hands of a skilled cosmetic dentist in Belfast most likely. Improving your smile will give you confidence and there is no better place to do it than Belfast, here you will have the most options for meeting a cosmetic dentistry professional for teeth whitening or any other service of the dental variety. And we highly recommend that you absolutely do not ever go with a cheap whitening clinic that only charges 99 quid for a treatment or whatever because it’s super important to get a real cosmetic dentist who has been trained that’s right, trained legitimately as a professional PhD in the industry, MD even if you possibly can. So with that said lets move on to the next round of dental studio paid options for improving enamel and teeth of your gums because that is so important to have done for a good price and as we said before not for free because cheap teeth whitening and dentistry within a dentists office or not is not what we want to go for the clinics. Ensure you verify every cosmetic dentist you encounter in Belfast by visiting Cosmetic Guidance for teeth whitening Belfast.